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Flame Retardant Recommend

Diethyl Phosphinic Aluminum lfr8001 For Engineering Plastics

LFR-8001 Halogen-free organic phosphorus flame retardant for engineering plastics

北京赛车appSuitable particle size range, conducive to dispersion, not easy to stick together...

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Diethyl Phosphinic Aluminum Flame Retardants For Electronic Industry

LFR-8002 Halogen-free flame retardants for electronic industry

Ultra-fine particle size, especially for epoxy resin CCL flame retardant。。。

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Diethyl Phosphinic Aluminum flame retardant for PA

LFR-8003 Halogen-free organic phosphorus flame retardant for PA

北京赛车appCoarse particle size, large bulk density, better dispersion, less dust, good heat resistance and non-migratory。。。

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Excellent performance as good as well known international brands, plenty of successful projects in divers applications, business covers main international markets.


北京赛车appSelf-innovation and production, professional QA and QC system。

R & D

Offer platform of customerized technical service, served by a member of PhD and experts.


Whole professional team to serve customers during whole exporting process.


Standard management, legal procedure and qualified discharge of the three wastes, with installed full set of treating facilities, to make sure safe and consistent supply。

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our halogen-free flame retardants are mainly applied to Engineering Plastics (PA6, PA66, PPA, PBT, PET), Textiles (polyester fabric, PET fiber, PU coating, Acrylic coating, PVC coating, etc), Wire and Cables (TPE, TPU), Flexible Copper Clad Laminate, etc。

Yes, our flame retardant is phosphorus & nitrogen based halogen-free flame retardant, eco-friendly, and it’s the good substitute of halogen flame retardant.


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