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Company Vision:To be the leader in specific fields!

Jiangsu Liside New Material Co。, Ltd (former Jiangsu Liside Chemicals Co。, Ltd and Liside for short as below) ,with production site of 38thousand square meters, is conveniently located at Jiangyan, Taizhou, Jiangsu Province, heart area of ChangJiang River Delta business center and just 220km away from harbor of Shanghai。

Founded in 2003, Liside started manufacturing MP resins (copolymer of vinyl chloride and vinyl isobutylene ether), after quickly grew, who has already been the largest producer of MP resin in Asia.

In 2004, Liside took a strategic step and expanded its business into flame retardant, beginning the manufacturing of our flag product Phosphate Flame Retardants。 Liside became the very First manufacturer with legal License of MCCS from Chinese National Ministry of Industry and Information, and permit from United National OPCW, to produce Organic Cyclic Phosphonate CU Flame Retardent in China。 Today, Liside’s product list includes a series of environmental friendly Halogen Free Phosphonate and Nitrogen Flame Retardent; our customers’ fields cover various of Engineering plastics, PU coatings and kinds of Fabrics, for example PA6,PA66, PBT, FCCL FFC, TPE, and specially designed grade for PET spinning and fibers。

北京赛车app Dedicated to scientific research and development, marketing, manufacturing and services, Liside is a professional manufacturer of Resins and Flame Retardants.

Core Competence
Liside has always paying close attention to the capability of consistent innovation, of providing product and service of best quality.

Liside targets to offer best platform to attracted to higher quality talents and experts of management, marketing, production and technology. We got 130 employees, over 50% of whom are undergraduates and above, including 5 PhD, 10 senior scientists as well as over 20 chemical engineers. Based on such strong technical HR, Liside built the TOP R&D team, working for providing products and service of best quality. Most Flag products of ours are National Patents of independent intellectual property rights. We also established close academic cooperation with Chinese first class Universities, Qinghua University, ZheJiang University, Yangzhou University etc..

北京赛车appLiside is certified with Quality Management system ISO9001:2008, environment System ISO14001:2004 as well as the Occupational health management system certification OHSAS18001:2007。

Liside is dedicated to provide the best values to its customers and is committed to customers satisfaction today and in the future. Our Vision is to be the leading supplier in products we serve.


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