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Diethyl Phosphinic Aluminum lfr8004


LFR-8004 is a halogen free flame retardant containing phosphorus. It is a white powder with low dust, high hydrophobicity, heat resistance and non-migratory. It is designed for flame retardant polyesters such as PBT, PET (glass fiber reinforced and unreinforced). It has excellent flame retardant efficiency when used with synergistic nitrogenous flame retardants.





Phosphorous content %(w/w) 23.3-24.0
Density g/cm3 1.35
Bulk density g/cm3 0.40-0.60
Moisture(K-F) %(w/w) <0.2
Thermal decomposition temperature >300
Particle size(D50) μm 40-80


1. LFR-8004 can be used for flame retardant polyester material (glass fiber reinforced and unreinforced), such as PBT, PET, with excellent heat stability (>350℃), with high phosphorus content and high flame retardant efficiency.
2. LFR-8004 is a new high efficient halogen free flame retardant with good electrical performance, low smoke density and zero effect to the color of finishing products.
3. LFR-8004 has excellent flame retardant performance, especially excellent thermal stability, making it able to adapt to a variety of equipment and processing conditions; and it’s especially suitable to IT, office, consumer electronics and some other industries which need modified polyester material with high flame retardancy and good electrical performance.
4. LFR-8004 can be used with nitrogen flame retardants (such as MCA, MPP), significant synergies flame retardancy, and more cost-effective.

Packaging & Storage:

25kgs in paper-plastic composite bag with PE inliner.
北京赛车app Seal and store in dry, dust-free and cool place.

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